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The Odd Builder is a novel veteran artist who literally builds complex songs live with soulful lyrics and sincere delivery before your eyes and ears.
– Marcus J. Moore, NPR

During the genesis of the post-grunge, new indie music scene, a young James Odd moved to a blossoming Portland, OR from remote Alaska with Matt Sheehy (Lost Lander, EL VY, Kaki King) and formed the rock duo “Gravity and Henry.” Along with contemporary duo-acts like “Helio Sequence” and the “White Stripes,” James and Matt toured throughout the country. “Gravity and Henry” made use of new sample-triggering technology and integrated an early version of Ableton Live (1.3) to trigger samples and looping during live shows. Throughout the late 90s and early 00s, “Gravity and Henry” made a name as the biggest little band in the North West because of their ability to make huge complex sounds with just a drummer and guitarist. 

Tired of life touring on the road, James left “Gravity and Henry” while Matt continued doing great things. James remained a session drummer and producer but stayed active in music, although in the background. This is where the story gets a little complex; suffice to say that James went into government service, went to school, and has been places and seen things, and is now a well-respected professional expert witness in matters regarding computer forensics and “hacking.” 

Creating has always been a part of James’ life, in every phase. Ariodd became a passion project, exploring his own visions of music. After a decade of distraction, James fully embraced his musical interests and began working with artists producing and performing with their associated acts. All the time, he was working on his own musical project under the name Ariodd. 

As Ariodd, James’ interpretation of Carl Orff’s“O Fortuna” (listen here)has garnered over 170,000 listens and downloads. His flamenco version of Samuel Barber’s Adagio (listen here) has gained interest from the Kronos Quartet and Sony’s Classics. More recently, his homage (What Does Your Shadow Look Like?) to pioneers like DJ Shadow and Nightmares On Wax has gained attention and respect from some of the biggest names in the genre. 

“Ariodd is and will continue to be a personal exploration of my own interests in music. I released my work without any expectations.”
–  Ariodd | The Odd Builder

His newest project is James’ first direct expression of his musical skills and vision. Featuring his soulful vocal style with his skills at integrating performance with technology, it is indeed the next evolution of a highly skilled artist. 

“I love the thrill of performing live, and “The Odd Builder” allows me to push the envelope of what can be done on stage… riding the edge of train-wreck and perfection.”
– Ariodd | The Odd Builder

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